An Introduction To Islam

An Introduction To Islam For Non-Islams


What is Islam?

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Islam is what is commonly recognized as the religion practiced by Muslims. Islam is the natural code of conduct, as it was revealed by God the Most High to His Messengers, from Adam to the last of them, Prophet Muhammad

He was born in Mecca in the year 571 AD and died in 634 AD. Islam is God’s last revelation to mankind. Islam is an Arabic word which means “submission to God”, obedience to the code of conduct decided for the good of mankind by God and revealed in His book the Qur’an and in the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad

Islam is the religion that ensures peace and tranquility in this low world and in the hereafter. Mohammed is His Servant and His Messenger sent on earth during a period of 23 years of revelation with His complete message: The Qur’an (the word of God) that he practiced during his life, as well as the conduct and behavior Linked and known as its tradition (Sunna).


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Mohammed was a Prophet, a guide, a leader, a trustee, a husband and a head of family without comparison. One does not become Muslim only by birth, but by observing this code of conduct transmitted by the Prophet.

Islam teaches mankind human brotherhood regardless of color, race, country or social condition. When you see Muslims in prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, or performing all virtuous things, you know that Islam is a mercy for the poor, guided evil or the destitute, and this through the free choice Of each one, for his own salvation.

May the peace and blessing of God be upon the Prophet concerning his family and Companions.

Surah Fussilat. Verse 33: “And who utters more beautiful words than he who calls to God, does good work and says:” I am one of the Muslims? “

Surah Yusuf. Verse 108: “Say:” This is my way, I call people to the religion of God, I and those who follow me, based on evident proof. “Glory to God, and I am not of the number Of polytheists. “

The Prophet Muhammad said, “Send me, even a single verse.” (Narrated by El Bukhari.)


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